Guangzhou ShunCheng Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd ( GSC Lighting below ) is a Chinese manufacturer specialized in Stage lighting. Founded in 2017, we are still a growing company and keeping a genuine passion for delivering solid-state lighting solutions.  

GSC Lighting is not simply a product assemble processing factory, we have ability to achieve the product design,mold,trial production and quality verification, and a series of scientific development process to launch new products in the market. At the moment, our products include LED PAR, Moving Head, Effect Light and Theatre Light. 

We strictly balance the key factors, from led binning, color temperature,efficiency,beam angle, controls, to make the most reliable products. With the strict quality control system,  GSC provide high-quality products in the market, which has become a reliable partner in domestic and oversea.

Our core members come from a R&D department. We all agree on quality is the direction of the company’s development. Our aim is to develop sole distributor(OEM Partner) in each country and protect their interest. GSC always maintain a modest attitude, from the user exchange to understand the front of the demand information, and for the needs of customers as much as possible product guidance and technical sharing.


We have more than 10 years experience in the team management core, young and passion, efficient and rigorous, and always maintain our best interesting in the Lighting industry, to provide customers with the most personal quality products and services.

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